Existential Stratum 2.0


Original Fluid Artwork by Jessemijne Berg

Embellished Acrylic Funnel Pour

Size: 60×50 cm

This piece was part of the See You At Art group exposition (Midwest & Mercatorplein Amsterdam, October 2021).

Since I fell in love with the first funnel layering piece I made, I decided to make a series of them. The first piece is hanging at the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam. This piece is available for purchase.

This work is made on a 60x50cm canvas with acrylic paint, floetrol, water, gold leaf, gemstones and varnish.

Let me know if you would like a customized piece, for example with other colours, gold leaf or gem stones. Just send me an email and we will talk about your wishes.

Extra informatie

Afmetingen 60 × 50 × 4 cm


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